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House Painting Experience

Anyone that has experienced having their house painted will probably agree that it is best to hire an experienced house painter to do the job rather than trust themselves or a less experienced person try and do the job without making any mistakes. There are many potential mistakes that can be made when painting a house and the more experienced a painter is at painting houses, the less likely they are to make any of those mistakes. Whenever you do have your house painted you will have to undergo a certain amount of discomfort, such as not being able to use each of the rooms at some point or other but an experienced house painter will keep those inconveniences down to a minimum.
The mistakes that an inexperienced house painter makes can usually be rectified but they may take extra time, meaning you will be inconvenienced for longer. These mistakes can range from allowing the roller to touch a carpet to not creating a buffer zone between the wall and the ceiling. If a roller touches a carpet, it will often pick up debris of one kind or another and that debris will cause the roller to leave a streaky finish on the wall. If this does occur hopefully it will quickly be noticed and therefore minimize the amount of repainting that needs to be done. If a painter does not leave a buffer zone between the wall and the ceiling, the roller will probably leave paint in several places on the ceiling whilst it was the wall only that was supposed to be painted. Of course on completion of painting the wall, the marks on the ceiling will have to be painted over.

A buffer zone can easily be created by painting one roller width of paint horizontally along the wall where it meets the ceiling. An experienced house painter will know these things and so avoid any repainting having to be done. Perhaps the biggest mistake an inexperienced house painter can make is to allow a layer of paint to blister. This is a more serious mistake as often it is not only the layer of paint which has blistered that will need to be replaced but also a layer beneath it.

This is a problem which is often caused by one layer of paint being allowed sufficient time to dry before a next layer is placed on top of it. An experienced house painter like Chris Hoole Painters, will know just how long to leave a coat of paint without it blistering and yet still be able to finish painting in a reasonable time. An inexperienced house painter though, in an effort to hurry and get the job finished, may underestimate the time needed for a coat of paint to fully dry. There are many other mistakes an inexperienced house painter can make and all of them will add time to the estimated finishing time for the job and each time any mistake is made, your inconvenience also becomes extended.